You are the happy owner of a dream-come-true house in the Mediterranean. Congratulations!
Chances are you will be enjoying the vacations of your life!


But is that so?
Let’s be realistic. A house left on its own for a long time can only have problems due to wet windy and salty weather, a difficult and unpredictable winter or even the intrusion of unwelcomed “guests” (thieves, rodents, ants etc…).
And what is your neighbour  building next to you? Will you find a wall, an aerial or a solar panel in front of your balcony, blocking your view?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to regularly check, clean, maintain and take care of every repair or technical problem, during your absence, before your arrival? 
Someone who will take care in the best possible way of your family, friends and guests?

We are actually here to take care of your home and cater for all your needs 24/7/365!