ESTIA Services : From the Greek word “εστία”, the house and its occupants.
Our logo comes from the “μάτι”, the eye taking care of you and protecting you from others, the eye bringing luck to your house, family and guests.
ESTIA Services offers a range of quality services to our clients at the highest quality standards and in particular :
Value for money services
  • Βest possible annual agreement
  • 4 subscription options that will cover all your needs
  • Prior budget agreement for all technical interventions
  • Τhe best possible local team
  • Selected technical partners
  • Νo hidden fee/commission taken on repairs
  • Annual guarantee for replacements
  • Only environmentally friendly products
  • Following national employment rules
  • Strict control of the teams
  •  Insurance in case of accident
  • 3 key international languages: English/French/German
  • Fast response
  • Professional teams
  • Excellent quality of work
Full monitoring of your property
  • One point of contact for everything you need
  • Same day response by email or SMS and answer to most questions
  • e-monitoring of your property through the special private section, accessible only by password, for each subscriber in our site so that you view the status of your house 24/24
  • Immediate email notification (or via private Facebook notification/message or SMS)
Management of your property
  • Dedicated concierge services for short or long-term rentals, long-term guests, or tenant
Our ultimate goal is to offer you total peace of mind during your precious holiday!